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11/12/2019 News


Our Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) Styrelf is a reticulated binder developed thanks to Total’s competence since decades ago. 

A proven technology, demonstrated by durability tests realized in collaboration with the university of Lausanne (LAVOC) in Switzerland, protected by more than thirty patents and responding to an ever-increasing demand representing more than 10 million tons sold.

It is a binder that fits the most extreme climatic constraints in addition to very solicited coatings as highways, airports, industrial platforms, automobile circuits … 

The Styrelf technology brings many advantages comparing to non-reticulated PMBs as: 

  • The possibility to quickly produce a range of binders that respond to the various mechanical solicitations; 
  • A good stability of the binder that enables a better long-distance storage and transport;
  • Outstanding binder performance such as low thermal susceptibility, elasticity, cohesion and high resistance to aging, giving the asphalt exceptional properties such as resistance to rutting, tearing, cracking, and to hydrocarbons. 

Our pride is to provide the market with a great quality binder with “performances designed to last”, to use safety, economically, with a proven durability.

Finally, the constant amelioration of the actual performances of our Styrelf is one of the major axes of our R&D, aiming at proposing, in the market, a handy binder at low temperature, recyclable, fitting the actual environmental requirements. 

Jean-Pierre MESNIL
Product Engineer