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12/10/2020 News

The Digital Portal for Bitumen customers

The BITUMEN TOTAL division started the DIGITAL turn a few years ago, but in 2020, an additional step is about to be taken.

The BITUMEN ONLINE site has renewed its look.

A new version was successfully deployed in Germany and England in the first half of the year. Deployments will continue this autumn with the launch in France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium, pending expansion to Eastern European countries next year.

The modules of the first version of the portal have been renewed with additional functionalities and enriched added value for the application users:

  • Bitumen customers,
  • Partners’ carriers,
  • Subsidiaries’ sales offices.

Two modules are currently proposed:

A fixed-price purchasing module offering customers the possibility to make their forward purchases on the Bitumen Online platform in a simple and quick way. As Bitumen Online is interfaced with the information systems of TOTAL's Trading subsidiary, the platform allows the consultation of quotations in real time and the processing of purchase requests in less than 20 minutes by the traders of the Trading subsidiary.

The second module enables the order taking by customers, post office managers, transporters and commercial offices. The various parties involved in the order interact simply and in real time on the platform. The order is tracked end-to-end on the site from ordering to delivery, enabling the end customer to track his order reliably and quickly. High value-added features such as delivery tracking, email / SMS notifications and the ability to act on orders from the site (to modify, cancel them ...) provide a wide range of services for the customer but also for the sales office or the carrier who can transform the order process according to the supply conditions (introduce a step of internal validation of requests in case of supply shortage).

Finally, the new platform has been designed in a fully configurable and modular way in order to offer the different subsidiaries 'à la carte' deployments according to customer requests on the different modules available.

With Bitumen Online, we offer in our subsidiaries TOTAL Bitumen a modern, high-performance and differentiating digital solution to meet our customers' needs.

Marc PIRONAUD / Bitumen Online Manager