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AZALT®: availability & value for money

AZALT® product range proposes binders made to suit most applications based on bituminous road materials, more specifically:

  • Polymer modified bitumen
  • Fluxed bitumen

The asphalt mixtures made with the AZALT® are used as: ​

  • Wearing course
  • Base course

AZALT® product range comprises the following grades:

  • AZALT® 20/30
  • AZALT® 35/50
  • AZALT® 50/70
  • AZALT® 70/100
  • AZALT® 160/220

By using the AZALT® binders, you get access to:

  • A complete range of products for road applications
  • The quality of its products controlled through an approval procedure of each crude oil

AZALT® binders are available on demand with technologies such as:

  • ECO²: ready to use bituminous binders for warm mix asphalt, reducing handling temperatures up to 40 °C

AZALT® ECO² - The new alternative to hot applied oxidized bitumen

AZALT® ECO² binders are especially designed for the manufacturing of warm mix asphalts

By using AZALT® ECO2 binders, you get access to:

  • « Ready to use » binders
  • Binderds showing as good mechanical performances as those of hot mixes
  • Specific product formulation reducing manufacturing and handling (laying, compacting) temperatures up to 40 °C​
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions (up to 30 %)​