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AQUALT®: bitumen range for emulsions

AQUALT® is a range of specific bitumen for emulsions​.

The main applications of formulated emulsions from AQUALT® are:

  • The surface dressing, mostly multilayers
  • The tack coats
  • The cold asphalt mixes, the storable asphalt mixes
  • The « graves » emulsions (dense asphalt mix for base layers)
  • The patchings

AQUALT® product range comprises the following grades:

  • AQUALT® 70/100​
  • AQUALT® 160/220

By using AQUALT® bitumen, you get access to:

  • A reduction of risks linked to bitumen quality​
  • By using a cold mix, 27% of energy can be saved and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions can be reduced by 34%