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KROMATIS®: clear binders for a better environment

KROMATIS® binders are mostly used:​

  • To give emphasis to special areas. It preserves the authenticity of historic towns, courtyards and individual paths
  • To create emulsions

Three types of binders are available within the KROMATIS® product range:

  • Urban: available in grades 50/70​, 70/100​ ou 160/220 ( Low trafic and soft mobility)
  • Traffic: available in grades 20/30 ou 35/50 (Heavy trafic zones)
  • Indoor: has a penetration point at 25°C below 10 dmm. (Indoor parking)

​By using the KROMATIS® clear binders, you get access to:

  • A reduction of perceived temperatures in urban areas
  • A reduction of public lighting requirements
  • Improvement signage in shared areas, maximising safety for road users
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