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MODULOTAL®: for high modulus mixes (HMM)

MODULOTAL® binders are dedicated to heavy traffic infrastructures.

MODULOTAL® binders are mostly used for:​

  • Motorways
  • Roundabouts, bus lanes
  • Fragile road course layer (cracked)
  • To formulate high modulus asphalt (HMA)

MODULOTAL® products range comprises the following grades:

  • MODULOTAL® 0/2 Pellets
  • MODULOTAL® 10/20
  • MODULOTAL® 15/25

By using MODULOTAL® binders, you get access to:

  • A reduction in permanent deformations
  • Improved modulus and fatigue performance
  • Excellent cost/environnemental impact compromise : reduce thickness and economises mineral resources
  • Meet the specifications of the EN 13924-1 standard