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Our Sustainable Technologies and Products


TotalEnergies Bitumen offers its professional customers a wide range of high-performance products to help them reduce their carbon footprint in road and industrial applications.

Top benefits:

  • Creating bitumen that are adapted to new mobility challenges
  • Creating limited carbon footprint solutions

  • ECO² technology for temperature reduction: enables roads or industrial products to be applied at a lower temperature than a reference product for the same purpose.
Discover our ECO² Technology

  • RC technology for recycling: makes it possible to carry out projects with a high recycling rate, and maintain a high-performance, for optimum road sustainability.
  • Long Life technology for road durability: limits oxidation to increase road performance and reduce maintenance requirements.
  • Kromatis®: allows to mitigate urban heat island effects, reduce lighting needs in covered areas, and enhance new mobility lanes’ identification for more safety.
Discover Kromatis®