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STYRELF®: the high performance Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB)

STYRELF® binders are made for severe climatic conditions & heavy-duty roads

STYRELF® binders are used for:​

  • Secondary road networks
  • Main road networks
  • Highways

Four types of binders are available within the STYRELF® product range:

  • STYRELF® X SERIES: for heavy-duty roads
  • STYRELF® RC: for recycling topic
  • STYRELF® INTAKT: for hydrocarbon-resistant asphalt
  • STYRELF® GP: for racing circuits

These four types of binders can be ajusted with different technologies:

  • ECO2: for warm-mix asphalt
  • AP: for improved adhesion
  • TR: for reduced viscosity

By using STYRELF® binders, you get access to:

  • Resistance to thermal surface cracking
  • Resistance to fatigue
  • Resistance to rutting
  • Resistance to tearing
  • Resistance to cracking
  • Excellent durability