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09/03/2020 News

Customer service in the field

The sales department of TOTAL Bitumen is more than just supplying Azalt, Styrelf and other specialty products. We also offer many associated services.
TOTAL assistance covers several areas, including product technology and everything related to safety.

Technical assistance has different aspects. It ranges from recommendations in the choice of a binder to respond to a call for tender to collaboration for the development of a new product. For example, we can mention the development of a process for joining paving slabs to the clear emulsion of Kromatis used in Montpellier. Our help desk can also provide expertise to help a customer who is forced to mix different bitumen and wants to know how to get the most out of them. Another example is that of a customer who encountered difficulties in producing warm mix asphalt based on modified bitumen and who contacted TOTAL Bitumen. We proposed Styrelf ECO2 solution, a modified bitumen ready for use for warm mixes, perfect for workability.

For safety, TOTAL provides its partners with sheets summarizing the rules for the safe handling of bitumen (sheet to be displayed on their installations) and performs audits to help improve the safety of loading and unloading sites.

As we can see, the assistance that TOTAL Bitumen proposes goes from advices and support in the field, to the deployment of the solutions offered. Entrust us with your technical problems and we will provide solutions!

Michael LOMBARD - Technical Manager