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05/02/2020 News

Mandatory training for Total Bitumen teams on dangerous goods transportation

The Technical and Safety Expertise Service (ETS) ensures that bitumen activities are carried out in compliance with regulations and in optimal safety conditions.

There are many regulations to apply: labor code, environment code, ICPE regulation (Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment), ADR (European Agreement Relating to the International Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road) ... etc.

The ADR defines and classifies hazardous materials by imposing safety rules on road transport. Bitumen is classified as hazardous material (class 9) because its transport temperature is above 100 ° C.

According to these regulations, training must be given to all personnel whose field of activity includes the transport of dangerous goods, this is the training 1.3.

The ETS service provides this training which is adapted to each person's duties and responsibilities. It includes among others:

  • the regulatory context,
  • the risks linked to bitumen,
  • the procedures to follow in the event of a sinister,
  • transport safety.

Following this training, a quiz is offered to participants and a training report is sent to the employee or to the competent authority on request.

Technical and Safety Engineer