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11/12/2019 News


Started in 2009, Total Ecosolutions program is an approach that aims at developing product and services offers in order to help our customers reduce their environmental impact like the reduction of CO2 emissions or the volatile Organic Compounds concentration, the diminution of natural resources, use of energy, water … These efforts are gathered in the Total Ecosolutions label developed by Total, since their environmental efficiency is better than the reference product or service (representing most of the market). At the end of 2018, 96 Total products were labeled “Total Ecosolutions”. In the Bitumen field, lot of products succeeded in getting this label as Azalt Eco2, Altek ECO2B, Styrelf Eco2 …

Especially designed for the fabrication of road lukewarm mixes, and compared to an equivalent hot solution, Azalt Eco2 bitumen helps, regarding its whole life cycle: 

  • Reduction of the application temperature by 40°c. 
  • Saving 10% and 30% during the mixing process.
  • Reduction of CO2 gas emissions by 10% and by 27% during the mixing process. 
  • Reduction of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions by 21% for the Mix manufacturers. 

Mouhamad MOUAZEN
Product Manager- Ph.D